sāk vitt ok vītt of verǫld hverja

sāk vitt ok vītt of verǫld hverja

Hybrid Performance | Film

Materials: Bespoke hardware & software, text prints, stones, data, video/audio recordings, photography, seafood, 'thebrick' (DIY dual infra-computer).
Duration: variable

Produced in Iceland, Norway and Faroe Islands 2018 in the context of "Stories of Flights, Ferries and Fish" (nustories) project. Funded by the Nordic Council and the Nordic Culture Fund

Image: Eyjafjörður, IS 2018 by Marinos Koutsomichalis

Ein satk ūti es enn aldni kvam yggjungr āsa ok ī augu leit (Volupso, 28).

A hybrid performance pivoting on a multi-level exploration of the North Nordic landscape and the artist’s own personal (un)makings of, and creative responses to, it, in terms of photography, video/audio recordings of various acoustic, electromagnetic, geophysical, and anthropological phenomena, text, stones, seafood, and scientific sonification/visualization of data concerning energy consumption, weather change, seismic activity, fish migration, and spatial distribution of marine population.

sāk vitt ok vītt of verǫld hverja has been produced in the context of Stories of Flights, Ferries and Fish (nustories) project, with generous support from the Nordic Council, the Nordic Culture Fund, and a series of local organisations.

Sāk vitt ok vītt of verǫld hverja promo video.

Sāk vitt ok vītt of verǫld hverja live @ Nordic Music Days, Bodø NO, 2019.

Sāk vitt ok vītt of verǫld hverja, photo by Marinos Koutsomichalis, Iceland 2018.

Sāk vitt ok vītt of verǫld hverja live setup, Marinos Koutsomichalis, Århus 2019.


Nordic Music Days, Stormen Kulturhus, Bodø, NO (2019); in-discourse AB, Malmö, SE (2019); DOKK1, Århus, DK (2019); H15, Copenhagen, DK (2019); Nordic House, Tórshavn FO (2018); Sparkling Sound Festival, Dansekapelet, Copenhagen DK (2018); .