2500, ordine geometrico demonstrata

2500, ordine geometrico demonstrata

Audio database | Performance

Materials: ARP 2500 Modular Synthesiser
Size: 4.7G | Duration: 4'27"

Recorded @ Worm, Rotterdam, NL / Edited @ Studio K, Heraklion, GR & @ EMS, Stockholm, SE 2015

Image: ARP 2500, Rotterdam, NL 2015 (c) Marinos Koutsomichalis

There is no mind-machine duality. Mind thinks through the machine and the machine thinks through mind. Mind acts through the machine and the machine acts through the mind. Mind is erased in the machine and the machine is erased into mind.

2500, Ordine geometrico demonstrata comprises the audio output of a series of attempts to both erase myself in/through an ARP 2500 modular synthesiser and vice versa. Rather than experimenting with uncanny strategies (as I did in the Buchla or the Marinos Koutsomichalis è stato eliminato projets), I herein zero in the fundamentals–carefully thought-of configurations, long rudimentary forms, monophonic audio, limited interaction.

The project resulted in approximately 4½ hours of audio, in 6 parts: Corpus non terminatur cogitatione nec cogitatio corporeEssentia existentiam est existensOmnia quæ sunt in alio suntOmnis substantia est infinitaSubstantia prior est natura suis affectionibus, Unumquodque æternam et infinitam essentiam exprimit.


Metanast, Texture, Manchester, GB (2016); European Music Festival, Turkish underground cistern, Chania, GR (2015); Holotype Editions Showcase, EDW, Athens, GR (2015); Electric Nights Festival, Booze Cooperativa, Athens, GR (2015).

2500, ordine geometrico demonstrata: Substantia prior est natura suis affectionibus (audio excerpt). Rotterdam, NL 2015 (c) Marinos Koutsomichalis.


Mutually erasing each-other. Rotterdam, NL 2015 (c) Lucas Simonis.


Arp 2500, Rotterdam, NL 2015 (c) Marinos Koutsomichalis.