Installation | Performance | Workshop

Materials: electronics, programming, 3d-printed parts, headphones, micro-computer, audio
Dimensions: variable

Commissioned by the Onassis Cultural Centre and Ars Electronica for the 'Hybrids' group exhibition, Athens 2016
Produced @ Studio K & Commons Lab, Heraklion & @ athanco design office, Piraeus, GR 2016

Image: Athens, GR 2016 (c) Theodora Ziaragka

Inhibitions seeks to demystify and to democratise the technologies it revolves around, to inaugurate a creative interlocking between the artist and audiences and, eventually, to become an inter-disciplinary playground where paradigms of emergent, hybrid and synergetic bio-technologically produced cognisance may be tried out.

Inhibition revolves around an ‘intelligent’ headset that is capable of EEG (electroencephalography), algorithmic sound synthesis and machine learning. With the headset on, neurophysical activity is constantly monitored and those particular kinds of sounds that are most likely to inhibit concentration are generated, hindering direct man-machine coupling and destabilising the subject’s cerebral rhythms. In this way a new kind of uncanny ‘meta-mind’ is brought forth, one that is enacted on top of machine learning schemata, neuro-feedback and bio-technological autopoiesis. Embracing the open-source software/hardware paradigm, Inhibition forwards hands-on audience participation and community-driven experimentation. Electronic schematics, 3d-printable/cnc-millable models and code are made available at, where audiences may also socialise with one another, contribute technical material, and upload images/video showcasing their own creative outcomes. At the same time, local audiences are invited to create their own individuated headsets in dedicated workshops, to exhibit them alongside the artist’s original prototype, and to participate in a series of performances, technological showcases and impromptu ‘music ensembles’ in-situ.

Inhibition headset has been designed by Nikos Athanasopoulos.

For more info visit the project’s dedicated site.


SPEKTRUM, Berlin DE (2018); Electracoustic Music Days, Rethymnon GR (2017); DA_Fest, Sophia BU (2017); Vorspiel by Transmediale & CTM, SPEKTRUM, Berlin DE (2017); ArtOs Foundation Nicossia, CY (2016); Onassis Cultural Center (curated by Ars Electronica), Athens GR (2016-7).

Athens, GR 2016 (c) Marinos Koutsomichalis

Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens, GR 2016 (c) Marinos Koutsomichalis


Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens, GR 2016 (c) Andreas Simopoulos.

Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens, GR 2016 (c) Panayiotis Goubouros.

Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens, GR 2016 (c) Theodora Ziaragka.

Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens, GR 2016 (c) Theodora Ziaragka.