Site-specific collective performance

Materials: synthesisers, DIY electronics, computer-generated audio, augmented drum-kit, vocalist, violin, double bass, augmented guitar, director, found objects, loudspeakers
Duration: variable (app. 60')

Produced at Inspace, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, GB 2013
Funded by ECA Devolved Funding

Image: rehearsals @ Inspace, Edinburgh, GB 2013 (c) Radek Rudnicki

For the purposes of the 4th LLEAPP (Laboratory for Laptop and Electronic Audio Performance Practice), myself and a number of  other  artists from Europe and America were invited in the university of Edinburgh where, under the musical direction of Jan Hendrickse, we developed a site-specific collective improvised performance/installation inspired by Homer’s Odyssey. Participating artists: Marinos Koutsomichalis, Jan Hendrickse, Sean Williams, Jules Rawlinson, Lauren Hayes, Owen Green, Christos Michalakos, Emma Loyd, Adam Linson, Radek Rudnicki, Rob Canning, Frauke Aulbert, Bill Vine, Amidt Patel.

LLEAPP has been funded by the ECA Devolved Funding for Researcher and Postgraduate Development.


Inspace, Edinbourgh, GB (2013).

Excerpts, Endinburgh, GB 2013 (c) LLEAPP.

Preparing to rehearse @ Inspace, Edinbourgh 2013. (c) Radek Rudnicki.

Preparing to rehearse @ Inspace, Edinbourgh, GB 2013 (c) Radek Rudnicki.