Materials: programming, database of annotated audio files, semantic-analysis and artificial-intelligence modules

Realised during a research fellowship at the Università Degli Studi di Torino, Turin, IT 2013/14

Image: So.D.A. architecture, Turin, IT 2014 (c) Andrea Valle

So.D.A. achieves—with respect to the creation of ambiances—a twofold acceleration to sound design practice: on the selection of relevant sound elements to be composited and on their organisation.

While a research fellow at CIRMA/StudiUm in the Università degli Studi di Torino, I designed and implemented several software modules used in the Sound Design Accelerator (So.D.A.) project. These included Fe.Util. (batch audio feature extraction), S.S.G. (sophisticated soundscape modelling and simulation) and S.S.C. (automatic soundscape composition).

The So.D.A. project has been funded by Regione Piemonte – Polo d’Innovazione per la Creatività Digitale e Multimedialità and has been realised in collaboration with Andrea Valle, Paolo Armao, Matteo Casu, Andrea Bolioli, Vito Martinelli, Cristiano Blas and Pietro Giola.

for more info visit the project’s site here.


Proceeding of the XX Colloquio di Informatica Musicale, Rome, IT (2014); Proceedings of the Audio Mostly Conference (Aalborg, DK), ACM, New York, US-NY (2014); Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference | Sound & Music Computing Joint Conference (Athens, 2014), ICMC, San Francisco, US-CA.

Presenting the So.D.A. project @ AudioMostly Conference, MusikenHus, Ålborg, 2014. (c) Emmanouel Rovithis

Presenting So.D.A. @ AudioMostly Conference, MusikenHus, Ålborg, DK 2014 (c) Emmanouel Rovithis.