Marinos Koutsomichalis is a media artist, scholar and creative technologist. He was born in Athens, GR (1981) and has since lived and worked in various cities around the world. His interests comprise  Post-humanism, Computational Æsthetics, (Big) Data in/as Art, Material Engagement, Cybernetics, Sonification/Visualisation, Post-Digital traits and DIWO (Do-It-With-Others) approaches to art and education. The most persistent themes in his artistic corpus are self-erasure and the post-self. He strives for contextual and geographical disparity so that the working tactics, materials and technologies his projects revolve around are ever-renovated. Accordingly, he has presented his work internationally in all sorts of milieux: from leading museums and acclaimed biennales, to industrial sites, churches and underground venues and he has pursued research/artistic projects, led workshops and lectured at various academias, institutions and project-spaces worldwide. He is responsible for numerous publications in academic journals and conferences, for a series of music albums and for a book. He is the founder of ‘Ubique Media’—a company offering ad-hoc software/hardware solutions for media artists. He has a PhD in Electronic Music and New Media (De Montfort University, GB) and a MA in Composition with Digital Media (University of York, GB).

contact: me [at] marinoskoutsomichalis [dot] com.

Career Highlights

  • Bozar Centre for Fine Arts (exhibition). Brussels, BE.
  • Contemporary Art Festival Sesc_Videobrasil (exhibition). São Paulo, BR.
  • Documenta (performance/commission). Athens, GR.
  • Transmediale (exhibition/performance/workshop). Berlin, DE.
  • Ars Electronica (comission). Linz, AT.
  • WRO Media Art Biennale (exhibition). Wrocław, PL.
  • Athens Concert Hall (Megaron). Athens, GR.
  • The Barbican Centre (software). London, GB.
  • Greek National Museum of Contemporary Art (exhibition). Athens, GR.
  • Fondazione Giorgio Cini (exhibition). Venice, IT.
  • Apo 33 (performance). Nantes, FR.
  • Holotype Editions (LP). Athens, GR.
  • Onassis Cultural Centre (exhibition/performance). Athens,GR.
  • Swedish National Centre for Electroacoustic Music and Sound-art (residency). Stockholm, SE.
  • Danish International Visiting Arts program (residency). Copenhagen, DK.
  • Fylkingen (performance). Stockholm, SE.
  • Entr’acte (CD). London, GB.
  • Expo Leeds (performance), GB.
  • Steim (residency). Amsterdam, NL.

Selected Press Quotes

  • Ereignis is like conceptual art created by machines to taunt us with our own mortality‘ (Russell Cuzner, The Quietus)
  • ‘a switch concept for notions of time – functional and dysfunctional, and as such tries to act as an anthropological operator for cultural techniques of temporality’ (Jussi Parikka, Machinology)
  • ‘One of those releases made to be played endlessly, day in day out’ (Massimo Ricci, Brain Dead Eternity)
  • Koutsomichalis slides his primitive building blocks alongside one another, letting them thrum and squirm, merge and clash, and so setting in motion a haze of unruly overtones’ (Chris Sharp, The wire)
  • avec une attention au détail accrue, avec cette impression de pouvoir observer les vies minuscules du son en train de se faire [..] un discours unique, une ligne, mais d’une grande complexité qui ne paraît jamais plus agitée que, paradoxalement, dans ses moments les plus statiques’ (Kasper Toeplitz, Prèsent Continu)
  • Powerful in all its roughness but also in all it’s silence it forces itself upon the listener and pierce in your head. Great!‘ (Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly)
  • Maximum psycho-acoustic rewards’ (Ron Schepper, Textura)