w piwnicy / στο υπόγειο

exploration, sound, CD/DVD


workshop, sound, electronics, image, clothing, instrument, code, performance

Cyprus as AI Saw it: Reinventing the Colonial Gaze

system, image, text, data, code, app, book

φ­öρβιρρινγ (2000​-​20)

exploration, anarchive, sound, instrument, download, stream

Pandemic Glissandi

system, sound, code, stream

(Ir)rationalités In/Ex-térieures

system, sound, image, code, stream


hybrid, sound, device, performance

Hyperstition Bot (Or, An Evolutionary Machine Appropriating Human Culture)

system, sound, electronics, image, text, device, data, code


exploration, anarchive, sound, calligraphy, performance

Sāk vitt ok vītt of verǫld hverja

landscape, sound, image, text, object, food, device, clothing, data, code, performance, film

Tactics Against Antiquity: the Contemporary Ancient Messene

landscape, sound, device, clothing, data, performance


system, hybrid, anarchive, object, data

Metaichmiakó (for solo EMS Synthi100)

exploration, sound, instrument, performance


workshop, hybrid, sound, electronics, device, code, performance, space

Neural (r)Evolution

workshop, electronics, code

Towards The Mean, Sampling Britishness Today

system, image, data, code, space

2500, ordine geometrico demostrata

exploration, anarchive, sound, instrument

Syra Sonora

landscape, workshop, anarchive, sound


system, anarchive, image, code


exploration, sound, electronics, device, code, performance


landscape, anarchive, sound, image, code

Mapping and Visualization with Supercollider

exploration, workshop, sound, image, code, book

Oiko-nomic Threads

system, textile, electronics, image, device, data, code, performance, space

Schizoid Cityscapes

landscape, sound


workshop, sound, electronics, object, instrument, performance


system, sound, light, code, space

Soundwalk at Lake Vistonida

landscape, workshop, sound, CD/DVD

The Buchla Project

exploration, anarchive, sound, instrument

14.7 #1 Thessaloniki

system, sound, electronics, object, space

Bastard Noise

hybrid, sound, device, code, download, stream

Marinos Koutsomichalis è stato eliminato

exploration, anarchive, sound, electronics, instrument, download, LP, stream


exploration, sound, space

Downtime: post-domestic fiction

system, workshop, sound, electronics, light, object, device, code

Ramifications / Ramifications In Process

hybrid, sound, performance, CD/DVD

Anotropia (or: do violinists dream of Fourier transforms?)

hybrid, sound, device, instrument, code, performance, space


system, sound, image, code

Passeggio Sonoro

landscape, sound, code, performance, space

in:out / out:in

hybrid, sound, code, space

Domestic appliances project #1

exploration, sound, device, space


exploration, sound, download, CD/DVD, stream


landscape, sound, download, CD/DVD, stream

Trevor Jones studio sessions

exploration, sound, code, space


exploration, sound, download, CD/DVD, stream


exploration, sound, code, download, performance, CD/DVD, stream

B&W Silver Prints

exploration, landscape, anarchive, image