Downtime: post-domestic fiction

Downtime: post-domestic fiction

Interactive installation

Materials: micro-controllers, miscellaneous appliances, hacking/tinkering, computer-generated audio signals, loudspeaker(s), programming
Dimensions: app. 4m x 2m x 4m

Produced at Frown Tails, Athens, GR 2012

Image: Downtime @ Frown Tails, Athens, GR 2012 (c) Marinos Koutsomichalis

Downtime is a switch concept for notions of time – functional and dysfunctional, and as such tries to act as an anthropological operator for cultural techniques of temporality‘   Jussi Parikka in Machinology

An installation interrogating the functionality of various found appliances which are interconnected into a complex nexus of interactions between computer-generated audio and human input. Downtime was the collaborative outcome of the ‘DamnLab: Creative Coding and New Media’ workshop, coordinated by Marinos Koutsomichalis and curated by Frown Tails, November 2011 – February 2012.  The work was revisited the October of 2012.


Marinos Koutsomichalis (coordination, sound synthesis, software developement), Maria Varela (art direction), Ioanna Aggelopoulou, Nefeli Georgakopoulou, Veroniki Korakidou, Antonis Lyras, Afroditi Psara.


Piksel X, Bergen, NO (2012); Amber 12, Istanbul, TR (2012); Kokona Buriti 84, Ermoupoli, GR (2012); Frown Tails, Athens, GR (2012).

Demo video, Athens, GR 2012. (c) A. Hatzi/M. Varela.

Demo video, Athens, GR 2012 (c) A. Hatzi/M. Varela.

Downtime: post-domestic fiction @ KNIPSU, Piksel X festival, Bergen, NO 2012 (c) Afroditi Psarra.

Downtime: post-domestic fiction @ Çukurcuma Hammam, Amber 12 festival, Istanbul, TR 2012 (c) Marinos Koutsomichalis.

Downtime: post-domestic fiction @ Kokkona Buriti, Ermoupoli, GR 2012 (c) Frown Tails.

Detail, Ermoupoli, GR 2012 (c) Frown Tails.