Ioannina Field Report

We’ve spent several days around Ioannina along with members from Medea Electronique collective, Afroditi Panayotakou, and Doros Polydorou, gathering data and considering the specifics of a new multimedia work pivoting on Ioannina Lake and the surrounding landscape. Our exploration activities ranged from radio-walks to 360º photo/videography, stereoscopy, underwater audio/video recordings, interviews, and other. Most specifically, I was involved in producing the following:

‘Radioscape’ audio recordings (app. 1h30m), as bellow: 

  • Air traffic control & Cross-communication 
  • Radio noises, tones, static, radar emissions, etc in various bands
  • VHF Amateur radio activity – voice (2m band)
  • SW Amateur radio activity – voice (10m band)
  • SW Amateur radio activity – Morse/RTTY (15/10m band)
  • Amateur radio activity – Digital modes (6m/VHF bands)
  • Non-decoded modulated digital signals (FT8, RTTY, etc) in various bands
  • SW Broadcast programs in various bands (in French, Arab, Turkish, English other and from various countries: including Quaran preaching/analysis, news reports, etc)
  • Cross-modulated‘reflections’ of overlaid FM broadcast stations in much higher frequency bands (~200Mhz)
  • Utility Service Communication (ambulance?)

‘Hydroscape’ audio recordings (app. 45m), as bellow: 

  • Underwater ‘atmospheres’, that is the underwater ‘background’ sound of the lake
  • Underwater audio activity such as boat engines fading in/out, birds, etc