NON-MACHINES @ Bauhaus University

Tookit of Care

I have been involved in the Non-Machines conference as part of the organisation team as well as a participant with two talks and a performance with a special version of my Mörk Materia (cameraless 8mm film, amplified 8mm projector). Non-machines invites us to rethink the relations between machines and non-machines, using a change of perspective: from one which sees the relationship between machines and non-machines as competing powers, to a more equitable and non-competing relationship among all entities. The conference has been organised as part of the COST project Toolkit of Care (that I am the Action Chair of) and explores how technology suggests new relationships between artists and their tools. How can and should machines and non-machines relate to each other? How can the use of new methods and tools help us experience the environment? How can, or should, we care for and with machines and non-machines? Does thinking about our relationship with tools suggest ways of thinking more generally across boundaries of difference?