Materials: EMS synthi100 with original clavier
Duration: variable, 20'-50'

Commissioned by Documenta14 and composed in KSYME-CMRC, Athens 2017
Image: Athens, GR 2017 (c) Giorgos Frangiskos

Metaichmiakó explores the legendary EMS’ Synthi100 by means of complex intra-modulated sequences and analogue synthesis techniques.

Metaichmiakó is the first work composed for KSYME-CMRC’s EMS Synthi100 following its restoration and on the occasion of Documenta14 in Athens. The instrument had been out of order since the early ’80s and was restored by Daniel Araya and Jari Suominen under my supervision.


Documenta14, Athens Concert Hall (Megaron), Athens, GR (2017).

Patch and performance info. Athens, GR 2017 (c) Marinos Koutsomichalis

CMRC-KSYME Athens, GR 2017 (c) Giorgos Frangiskos