Software Development | Installation

Materials: Code (C++, openGL), 3 computers, 3 colour projectors.
Produced @ Studio K, Heraklion & Athens, GR 2016

Image: Exhibition @ Thessaloniki Center of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, GR 2012 (c) Marinos Koutsomichalis.

Software development for Arbitrariness, an interactive installation exploring the fragile and unforeseeable relation between image and language taking as a reference an art/book produced in 1947 (Louise Bourgeois, “He disappeared into complete silence”). Arbitrariness creates a participatory environment where audiences’ can re-interpret the original work. The software allows improvisations in writing making possible the connections from the past to the present; from the printed material to the digital; from the digital to the interactive. Arbitrariness seeks to map dialogues between the present and the past by re-writing and re-visualizing the absence and presence represented and described in the initial art/book.

Arbitrariness is a work by Maria Paschalidou; sound synthesis by Manolis Manousakis; software Development by Marinos Koutsomichalis.


Textual, Visual and Digital Cultures Conference, De Montfort University, Leicester, GB (2014); Beton7 Gallery, Athens, GR (2013); PhotoBiennale 2012, Thessaloniki Center of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, GR (2012).

Arbitrariness @ Thessaloniki Center of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, GR 2012 (c) Maria Paschalidou.