(Ir)rationalités In/Ex-térieures

(Ir)rationalités In/Ex-térieures

DIWO Network performance

Materials: Unix server, code, in/ex-terior spaces, objects, web-cameras, participants).
Duration: variable

Produced in Anulios & Limassol, CY & Heraklion, GR & Nuremberg, DE and Nantes, FR 2020-1

Performance detail, Nantes, FR and Online (2021).

In the wake of multiple lock-downs and extraordinary political manoeuvring affecting everyday life globally, this project inquires the possibility of a (post-)pandemic distributed utopia – the possibility of a new hybrid public/private space wherein fragmented aspects of the everyday are juxtaposed and orchestrated in ever-creative fashions. Individuals compose and selectively live-stream local (ir)rationalities concerning their immediate surrounings; utilising objects, radio receivers, webcameras, window views, poetry, improvised bedroom noises, their own moving bodies, and other. These streams are further manipulated on the account of a group of performers (issuing arbitrary instructions) and a software automaton running on the server (selectively executing the former instructions). In this fashion, an improvised cybernetic audiovisual landscape emerges—one that is intended as an introspection of the complex dynamics forged at the intersections of local pandemic (ir)rationalities, their improvised and semi-automated manipulation, and a public broadcast thereof.


AudioBlast #9 Nantes, FR and Online (2021).