Trevor Jones Studio Sessions

Trevor Jones Studio Sessions

2ch audio

Materials: computer-generated audio, lexicon TC6000, 2 rode A-100, 2 Neumann U-87, Soundfield ST-250, programming
Duration: 44'12'' and 20'46'' (version II)

Composed @ the Music Research Centre, York, GB 2009

Image: Trevor Jones studio during recordings, York, GB 2009 (c) Marinos Koutsomichalis

Powerful in all its roughness but also in all it’s silence it forces itself upon the listener and pierce in your head. Great!’  Frans de Waard

This is one of the most challenging albums I have listened to. First ask yourself how  far you’re willing to go into the realm of sound for its own sake, and realize this is  about as far in as it’s possible to go’  Josh Landry

A series of site-specific generative audio pieces composed over a period of several months to be performed in four distinct improvised sessions in the control room of the Trevor Jones Studio in York, UK in an attempt to establish a sonorous architecture within the room that challenges its aesthetic qualities and functionality.  Via non-standard recording techniques and intuitive phonography a number of fixed-media audio works emerged out of these sessions.


McNeill Street Pumping Station New Music Festival, Shreveport, US-LA (2011).


Agxivatein [cdr], Athens, GR (2009).

Audio excerpt, York, GB 2009 (c) Marinos Koutosmichalis.